Proprietary Assessment Tools

SDL Assess™

Executive Dimensions Profile
The Executive Dimensions Profile is a biographical questionnaire that facilitates clients to think about their personal lives, to clarify the motivations for their work and to identify what is important to them. The tool provides the opportunity to clarify and express their values and aspirations. The insights derived from this executive assessment are the centerpiece and baseline for follow-on coaching, so that we may assist our clients in making choices that serve and coincide with their values.
The Chally Assessment
The Chally tool is a powerful pre-employment assessment and development tool that predicts the strengths and weaknesses a candidate brings to a specific job role or position. The instrument collects 866 individual data points and is supported by over 30 years of research and development of in-depth assessment and performance data collected from more than 300,000 candidates. This predictive assessment is invaluable to talent management and succession planning challenges for any business.
The Caliper Profile
The Caliper Profile is a personality assessment that measures an individual's characteristics, potential and motivation. It provides descriptive insights into the qualities that drive an individual and distinguish him or her from others. It allows us to integrate the measurement of potential and current behavior, to enable us to create a customized, in-depth developmental plan for each of our clients.
The Chally Talent Audit
The Chally Talent Audit provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potential for a group of individuals in a department, division or company to identify “best fit” of candidates for their existing and potential positions. The data derived from this tool enables organizations to inventory a complete list of strengths and weaknesses for all key employees across every important position. Succession planning and High Potential data derived from the Talent Audit may be integrated with performance and 360 assessment data to provide a complete data analysis of talent for the organization.

SDL Align™

Culturetek is a suite of assessment tools that measurably link market, customer promise, leadership, culture, and individual performance, by measuring the extent to which business strategy, organizational culture, and individual leadership styles are aligned. This allows us to get to the root causes of company performance and to prescribe practical solutions.

SDL Develop™

The Success Print
Arguably, the success of a company is most attributable to the qualities of leadership of the Owner – his/her personality and leadership characteristics, attributes, knowledge, skills and abilities. The Success Print provides a rational roadmap for a succession strategy. The Success Print generates data to identify personality attributes, communication preferences, and skills that are strengths; to identify those skills which through training or coaching will see measurable improvement and those skills that may require a “work-around”. This information is used to focus individual coaching and development.