Core Solutions

Our core solutions have been successfully applied in both family-owned and traditional organizations, addressing critical business challenges including Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development and Customer Relationship Management.

Our focus is on providing measurable business value to our clients by leveraging your internal thought leadership and organization values wherever and whenever possible. We partner with your organization and emphasize knowledge transfer throughout the process.

Organization Development & Strategy Consulting
Strategic Designs for Learning assesses the current organization in the context of the overall business strategy and identifies areas of misalignment.

  • Assess Organizational Strategy & Current Organization
    • SDL assesses the business strategy against the current organization’s structure
    • We develop an organization map of current and future leadership requirements by position
    • We provide leadership assessment of key leaders and executives for “best fit”, using proprietary benchmarks
  • Identify Areas of Misalignment
    • We identify areas of the organization that are misaligned with the stated business strategy
    • We recommend specific steps for organizational adjustment & alignment
  • Present Organization Strategy Alternatives
    • We present alternatives for the organization leadership structure, spans of control, culture & communication
    • We recommend specific interventions that can be directly applied to the current organization
  • Deliver Individualized and Group Coaching & Development
    • SDL designs and delivers customized coaching & development programs with an emphasis on emotional intelligence as well as skills based competencies
    • We deliver a plan of action that results in sustainable leadership capability and increased productivity

Strategic Leadership Assessment & Development
Strategic Designs for Learning assesses leadership and provides feedback about competencies through our proprietary assessment tools.

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  • Assess Business Strategy & Key Executives
    • We help our clients develop their bench strength within their executive tier by using proprietary profiles and performance measurement instruments as well as employee surveys
    • We conduct structured interviews with key executives to determine overall degree of fit
  • Provide Feedback to Participating Executives
    • We provide feedback to each executive regarding key findings on leadership strengths and development needs
    • We provide feedback to senior management regarding our findings and recommendations
  • Present Leadership Development Plan
    • We develop individualized plans for leadership development
    • We present specific plans for how the development process should take place over time including alternative methods & approaches
  • Deliver Individualized & Group Coaching Development
    • SDL delivers customized coaching to support the leadership development plan
    • SDL delivers proficiency that results in sustainable leadership capability & increased productivity

Organizational Alignment for Merger Integration
Strategic Designs for Learning determines the likelihood of success for a merger or acquisition using pre-deal proprietary assessments.

  • Assess Organizational Strategy & Current Organization
    • We assess the organizational structure against the current organization’s key metrics to determine the likelihood of success for a merger or acquisition
    • We develop an organization map of current & future leadership requirements by position
    • We assess key leaders & executives for “best fit”, using proprietary benchmarks
  • Collaborate with Internal Transition Team to Design Strategic Organization Post-Merger Plan
    • We provide alternatives for how the target organization will look and operate
    • We design an overall organization plan that will encompass the integration of both organizations & supports the goals of the deal
  • Deliver Integration Plans
    • We provide integration development plans, which include staffing, communication, and talent management
    • We provide a framework for cultural awareness and integration
  • Deliver Customized Coaching
    • We provide customized executive coaching to ensure integration success
    • We support newly formed teams with tools to facilitate organizational synergy and sustain productivity

Succession Planning & Talent Management
Strategic Designs for Learning evaluates success predictors as well as the ability of successors to assume responsibility for the organization.

Read Case Study 1, 2

  • Assess the Foundation
    • Perform in-depth interviews with owner and key stakeholders to document critical organizational, cultural and leadership success factors, to determine long term business strategy for sustained performance of the enterprise as well as strategic human resource management objectives
    • Analyze data & develop a performance, cultural and competency baseline model
  • Assess Enterprise Alignment and Talent
    • Conduct an organizational culture survey to determine the existing alignment of business strategy, culture and leadership effectiveness
    • Assess leadership capacity in organization of successor(s) and other key leaders to determine “best fit” into long term business strategy
  • Identify Developmental Gap
    • Analyze data to determine developmental gap between existing capacity and the baseline model in Step One
    • Present Baseline Findings and Recommendations to Leadership Team
  • Deliver the Success Print™
    • Develop succession planning steps and timeline for the enterprise
    • Design a developmental plan for successor(s) and a transitional plan for owner
    • Design an organizational alignment plan including appropriate role definition of key leaders and other stakeholders
  • Implement Succession Plan
    • Deliver formal transitional coaching with successor(s) and owner
    • Conduct organizational alignment workshops to strengthen support for successor(s)
    • Deliver executive training to successor and other key leaders to close developmental gap